The Path of Purpose is paved with healing.

Healing goes as deep as the wound or as deep as you let it!


Do I Have a Purpose?


Without question, everybody’s here for a reason. God creates nothing without a purpose. If you’re breathing and have a belly button, you have a purpose. Thank heaven! Imagine the cosmic mess we’d have if God just willy-nilly, without purpose or reason, commenced to throwing out whatever came to mind—just because He can! No, He’s a God of ordered purpose. He has a reason for each of us. (Jeremiah 29:11) 


So, the fact that you’re here is testament to your purpose in His Master Plan. Your personality, talent, and abilities are no accident. You’re uniquely equipped for executing the plan. His predetermined, Creative Purpose for you is not some riddle floating around the cosmos waiting to be figured out. It’s clearly stated in His Word and we need only recognize our own natural bent to find our specific purpose.  



The Challenge


The opposition's strategy is to keep us off focus by blinding us to how every hurtful or traumatic experience has twisted who we really are.  Over time our true characters are morphed into complete opposites of what God created; everything we need to be to execute purpose and fulfill destiny.  The result is spiritual lockdown in areas we don't even see!  We don't even know we're off-course.  We stepped off our Path of Purpose a few barns back and don't even know it!


The destruction comes in the form of unrealistic scripts we repeatedly run in our minds.  These fake scripts are developed early on and consistently as we internalize traumatic or negative experiences as if we are the wrong that was done to us. The fallout is that we become slaves to Irrational Emotional Discharges (IEDs) that lay wait in enemy mindfields.  These IEDs lockdown purpose and shout down the destiny God intends for us.  We can flip the script on this destiny destroying enemy strategy.


How Do I Get There?


Joyce Meyer already described The Battlefield of the Mind. Whose Apple is it, Anyway! exposes the enemy's core strategy and equips you with powerful tools gauranteed to root out enemy Mindfields!  With consistent application of the APPLE Inventory and FRUITS Philosophy, you'll soon be side stepping Irrational Emotional Discharges (IED) like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix!


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What is My Purpose?

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