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(The excerpt is unedited and might contain some typographical errors that are not attributable to my writing coach.)


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About the Book

Whose Apple is it Anyway!   is written for you! Yes, you! It's the answer to any and every issue that's holding you back. It's the key to finally moving through. It empowers you to leverage adversity toward purpose, calling, mission, and destiny


You're a prime candidate for this book if:

  • You’re feeling stuck in your career.
  • You’ve experienced a major life change such as death, divorce, financial loss, marriage problems, midlife crisis, retirement, or newlywed.
  • You’ve suffered emotional or physical trauma.
  • You’re experiencing relationship conflict, especially if it’s recurring.


This book is especially helpful if:

  • You’ve ever gone through the unyielding grip of unforgiveness, victimization, and addictions.
  • You’re baffled by multiple trips to the altar about the same old thing that inevitably comes back to haunt you.
  • You’re caught up in a relentless cycle of guilt from multiple laying on of hands hat inevitably ended with disillusionment after realizing it didn’t automagically change you or your life.
  • You’re often accusing yourself of not having enough faith because, when it doesn’t seem to work, you’re left wondering where you've gone wrong. 

Copyright 2012 Whose Apple Empowerment Center. All Rights Reserved.

Linda F. Williams, MSW
Whose Apple Empowerment Center